At a time when speaking about aestheticism and figuration seems to make us appear as clumsy people, I paint. I paint regardless the present standards of the artistic scene which frequently considers the figurative genre as the poor cousin of the contemporary art. Figuration has far too often been classified as a creative hobby meanwhile it is a full artistic expression mode. I have always painted. I used my first paint box for the first time when I was 8. Painting is an absolute must for me. It is my way of materializing times which fly. When I listen to the brushstrokes onto the canvas, when I mix colors, when I apply the painting paste, it is a pure delight. Painting is my way of catching daily life, of better extracting excellence. It is also and above all a way of communicating with the others, to get to the essence and fully enjoy. Sharing, giving and taking with no limits and no shame. Beyond all painting issues, what counts is the medium. The way I work with it depends on whom I am meeting. Each occurrence, all of them so precious, makes me feel like I am progressing more and more everyday. The painting medium is in constant change and I aim to look like it. Alexandra Kraif
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